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Our Services

 The Orphan Care Center “Dreama” provides comprehensive care services for children, as the center aims to meet all children’s needs (health, psychological, educational, religious, and material) and to provide an alternative family environment that compensates for the deficiency in the original family environment. The Orphan Care Center “Dreama” seeks with all determination to be a center recognized as a “childless shelter”, in order to express its firm belief that the family constitutes the optimal environment for children to grow.

In addition to internal services, The Orphan Care Center “Dreama” provides external services that include field visits and inspections of the homes of families wishing to host children of unknown parentage. These visits aim to conduct specialized social and psychological studies and follow up on the conditions of the host children from social, psychological, legal, and educational aspects. In the event of difficulties or urgent problems, The Orphan Care Center “Dreama” provides support and assistance by encouraging families to find appropriate solutions.

With this approach, The Orphan Care Center “Dreama” works hard to meet the needs of children and ensure comprehensive care is provided to them inside and outside the center through field visits and continuous support to the host families.


Incubation request form:

The Incubation application is an electronic application submitted by the family wishing to embrace through the website (click on the link). After filling it out by the applicant, the application is studied by the Social Services Department and ensures that it complies with the conditions in order to complete the social and psychological study. Incubation conditions include the following:

  • The family must be a Qatari Muslim consisting of two righteous spouses.
  • The spouses must not be less than twenty-five years old and not more than fifty years old.
  • The spouses must be of good conduct.
  • That a family be able to care for the child socially and psychologically.
  • The family must be able to financially support its members and the child in custody.
  • The medical examination must prove that the family is free of infectious diseases and mental, psychological, and behavioral disorders.
  • The committee may add other conditions or procedures to ensure the interest and care of the custodian in these cases.


Psychological counseling

Psychological counseling is the provision of counseling services in the field of mental health. Psychological counseling is an important part of our lives. We are ashamed and afraid of visiting the doctor and revealing him. Through the psychological counseling service, we can provide adequate assistance and necessary assistance to those who need it for psychological counseling. Please contact us at the following email (click on the Link)


Volunteer service request

The volunteer application is an electronic application for those wishing to volunteer at the Dreama Center. After filling out the application, the center will contact you (click on the link).