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Katara proudly launches Dreama story collection as part of important specialized projects and programs for orphans

	تدشين  المجموعة القصصية لدريمة ينطلق بفخر في كتارا ضمن مشاريع  و برامج تخصصية هامة للأيتام

Katara proudly launches Dreama story collection as part of important specialized projects and programs for orphans
Subtitle: statement from the executive director of Dreama Center:
  The executive director of Dreama Center said: "the project of Dreama story collection reflects our vision to achieve a positive and lasting impact on the lives of orphan children. We are proud to present these social stories that enhance the development of children and enhance their positive and creative thinking".
  In an exceptional event on Tuesday morning,  Dreama launched at Katara library the story collection of Dreama within the family stability project . A group of writers, authors, specialists, important figures and influential people in the community attended the inauguration, which gave the event a distinctive social and human dimension.
  In her opening speech, Sheikha Najlaa bint Ahmed Al Thani, executive director of the Orphan Care Center "Dreama" announced with honor and pride launching the story collection.  Sheikha Najlaa provided a comprehensive overview of the launch of the story collection and its noble goals, stressing the importance of directing efforts towards this important project, which ultimately focuses on informing them of their social status in a simplified manner that reaches their ears through storytelling, which is considered the best means of communication to convey any content to the child.
  Sheikha Najlaa also highlighted the importance of the story collection saying: "We are proud of the story collection, which represents an important step within the specialized and important programs and projects of the Orphan Care Center "Dreama".
  Sheikha Najlaa also thanked Katara Cultural Village adding that the content and messages of the story collection were clear and strong, where several important points were highlighted as of empowering orphan children, supporting the foster family in the upbringing and custody of children.  She concluded her speech thanking the authors, writers, the audit Committee, Dreama team, and all sponsors and supporters, especially the support fund for social and sports activities "DAAM" as a strategic supporter for the first Dreama story collection out of a deep belief of Dreama's social and humanitarian role, as well as its belief in the importance of these stories  for the target groups .   
  The launch of the stories included the authors' speech delivered by Lina Alali, saying that she has the honor to be among the writers whose stories were chosen to be part of this social and humanitarian work. Lina expressed her happiness to contribute through the content of her story by transmitting messages to children that achieve the desired goal, which is a unique educational initiative to enhance the social awareness of orphan children. She praised the wonderful efforts exerted by the team in achieving its humanitarian goals in an impressive, distinctive and exceptional way.
  The writer / Andalus Ibrahim expressed her happiness for participating in the stories project when she received the kind invitation from Dreama center in this awareness activity with a noble goal.  "I am very grateful and I don't exaggerate when I say that my story is the closest one to my heart, every letter I wrote with love and attention.  I hope I succeeded in making the content reaches the minds of Dreama children in the easiest way. All thanks and appreciation for the great efforts made by Dreama center and I consider myself an old partner of this institution since its inception. Of course the importance of communicating awareness ideas to children through stories and reading them is very important. This method is a successful approach to awareness, education and upbringing which necessitates authors to cooperate with various institutions in the state in order to achieve community goals and the interest of young people." She said.
  Andalus Ibrahim added that she was also glad that her story has been translated into English and she was proud of this selection by Dreama.
  The writer and author Basma Al-Khatri from the Sultanate of Oman also made a speech that started as follows: " I am proud to dedicate the story of "Tanan and the bamboo teddy bear" and the story of "Hammam the dream maker" to Dreama, and I am happy with my participation in this social work aimed at children, especially the orphan child, with the content that conveys the message easily and reaches the hearts and minds of children." Basma Al-Khatri extended her sincere thanks to Dreama for giving her the opportunity to be one of the first to participate in this beautiful story collection, and that she is looking forward to  continued cooperation with Dreama.
  The writer Ali Al-Masoudi participated with his story "Al Aziz" which is the story of  Saidna Youssef  (peace be upon him), who grew up and lived far from his father, and despite the cruelty of his life being far from his father, he became the Aziz  or ruler of Egypt.
  Ali Al-Masoudi highlighted his role in Dreama's distinctive idea that is considered a qualitative leap in educational guidance work by adopting the idea of a story and an interesting tale in delivering the guiding content to be an indirect message picked up by the child with his intelligence.  
Al-Masoudi says he is honored to contribute in this project by presenting the story of Saidna Youssef (peace be upon him), in a simplified form that conveys the message to the young to form a living example of a child who was abducted from his parents and was sold in difficult circumstances to live with a family far from his homeland and subjected to injustice and abuse in prison, however, he maintained his values , kept loving his people and helping the governor, thus giving a good example to Dreama's children. 
  At the inauguration, the audience enjoyed a video presentation that embodies the journey of launching the story collection, during which a summary of the content of the story collection was reviewed. The presentation presented key messages in an inspiring and attractive way.
  The ceremony concluded with the distribution of copies of Dreama story collection to the attendees, where they received these stories with great happiness and appreciation. 
  The ceremony was an occasion to honor the authors who contributed to providing Dreama with stories that achieve the desired goal, which amounted to four stories with the following titles : the story of "Caramel" by the author Lina Alali , the story of " My mother is a star in my sky" by the author Andalus Ibrahim, and the stories of " Tanan and the bamboo teddy bear " and the story of " Hammam the dream maker " by the Omani writer Basma Al-Khatri.A selected story has also been translated into English.
  It is worth mentioning that the committee was formed by Dr. Aisha Bint Jassim Al-Kuwari, Mr. Ali Al-Masoudi, and Dr. Khawla Mortazavi. Dreama concluded the inauguration of the story collection by signing the authors on the stories, taking a group photo and distributing the stories to the audience. 
  Prior to the official launch of the story collection, the events witnessed the implementation of an exciting promotional campaign. This campaign included extensive coverage on social media platforms and various media.
  The project of launching Dreama story collection is part of Dreama Center efforts for the care and empowerment of orphans, which aims to achieve a significant positive impact on the lives of orphan children in a creative and effective way. It is expected that Dreama story collection will contribute to providing support and assistance to orphan children to achieve a better future. 
  It is worth noting that the Orphan Care Center "Dreama" was established in 2002, with the aim of contributing to providing the necessary care for this authentic group in society, ensuring their stability in alternative foster families, integrating them into society, and raising community awareness of the importance of fostering. The center has been operating since 2013 under the umbrella of the Qatar Foundation for Social Work, which in turn reports to the Ministry of Social Development and Family.
  Since its establishing, the social and sports activities support fund "DAAM"    has laid the foundation stone for many vital projects and initiatives in the social, sports and cultural fields, which makes  it a key partner in achieving sustainable community development in line with the Qatar National Vision 2030.